Insight – The Buddhist Way

I happen to be a psychiatrist based in India who also suffers from schizophrenia. This portal is my humble tribute to the Buddha, the awakened one. It ascribes to no dogma, inclinations or rigid positions. I have benefited from medication for my illness but the insight that the Buddha offered has been my main way to health and clarity. Every once in a while I fail or falter, and each time the rich legacy of the Buddha confers insight that propels me to a richness that draws from these very failings and inevitably generates momentum for further study, reflection and meditation.


The insight that the Buddha acquired and spent his life teaching, has been a source of freedom, liberation and happiness for many, over the millenia. Contrary to what some might believe, it is a simple teaching that relies on application and experiential validation, as to its efficacy. It is essentially a practical methodology, that can, regularly reflected upon and applied become a tremendously beneficial and immensely enriching way to lasting peace and contentment. The more intensely we feel anguish, the more potent the teachings seem to become. And as we apply what the Buddha taught, we experience an enlivening of insight that puts all aspects of our being, inner and outer into perspective. This often leads to a shift in how we view what transpires within and without, bringing a remarkable congruence between what is dissatisfying and the generation of contentment. The Buddha’s way is elegant and searching and at its core, free from dogma, ritual or for that matter any specific states of mind that we might habitually or occasionally inhabit!
I am no authority or expert in Buddhism, but in many ways, that is the whole point of creating this portal. The Buddha explicitly said that we test his teachings to see if they bought us contentment. Insight is not restricted to a particular few, and we can all aspire to it. We also can perhaps hesitatingly, but surely access insight for freedom and share what we learn, no matter how little, in gratitude. This sharing generates even more learning and reflection and can become a wholesome and self perpetuating process. Honestly and sincerely seeking freedom could be the cornerstone for seeking the Buddha’s teachings, and in that, we are already united! I request you, the viewer to share and learn with me. There is a simple retreat page on this portal where you can go for just sitting, and if you like, meditating too. I hope you enjoy doing that.
In my professional life, I try and help people with severe mental illness. Many of those I try and help, lack insight into their illness, so much so that they are deemed dysfunctional and ill. We have in common with these individuals, the need to access true insight. And perhaps, in this realm, the Buddha was unsurpassed. Any failings in the contents of this portal are entirely my own and in no way reflect upon the many learned individuals whom I have learnt and borrowed from. I hope that as we learn together, this portal will grow too. That will be our humble offering to the awakened one.
Do also feel free to call or write to me anytime you would want to. Once and if the readership of this portal increases, a forum might also be included in it.
Wishing you unparalleled joy and peace….may we all be free!