My name is Dr Swarajit Ghosh and I happen to be a psychiatrist/psychotherapist based in Delhi with training in therapeutic modalities for mental illness from India, UK and USA. I have worked with interventions like structure of intellect, psychodynamic therapy, solution focussed therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy to try and help people with mental illness. However, the modalities closest to my heart are the buddhist healing arts and contemplative psychotherapy. For more than a decade, I have studied and tried to practice what the Buddha thought and taught. When I meet patients face to face, each time I am reminded of the futility of grasping onto what is ephemeral and insubstantial, be it health, money, relationships, work or recreation. What I have found tremendously beneficial in my own life is the practice of contemplation.

Buddhist healing

Contemplation of strife, suffering and even death. These are things we need to look at and sit with if we are to effectively find peace and joy in our lives. Buddhist healing arts are not about rhetoric or even expertise, they involve a gentle sitting with what causes us distress, so that we can connect with what stops us from being complete and fulfilled. And eventually find unparalleled joy and calm. Buddhist healing arts are a process more than a destination and I invite you to join me in my journey towards well being. I have worked with several paradigms that are meant to help people with the severest of mental illness and promote contemplative process therapy as a rigorous and searching way to begin and sustain your own contemplative and meditation practice.

If you would like, Insightopen can help and guide you online or face to face in overcoming your own barriers to peace, calm, causeless absorption and actualization. Please connect with us via email or the phone if you would like to find out more about us and how we can work together in bringing freedom in your life!