I have been meditating for a greater part of ten years now. Given that I have a chronic illness, that is no mean feat. While my life has been hard, primarily because of hardship brought on by the ramifications of my illness, I have found a stability and calm that I see lacking even in so called normal people. Given my training and experience in psychiatry and mental health, I have had the good fortune of coming across psychotherapeutic paradigms that are meant to help people with the severest of mental illness. In addition I see many people dealing with stress and illness brought upon by life’s vicissitudes and I yearn to spread the message of skillful meditative contemplation the buddhist way. Hence this page for meditation coaching. If you are curious about meditation or seek an experienced coach, do get in touch with me and I can help you create a life that centres around meditative contemplation. You do not have to adhere to any form of religious belief to follow the meditative contemplation practice that I teach. The paradigm that I teach has been created, keeping in mind the problems that crop us as one learns how to meditate and is a very effective way to build and sustain a personalized meditation practice.