In search of space

We get disturbed often. In resolving the incongruence between what we want and what we get, it makes a great deal of sense to continuously examine what determines our needs. Such an examination often reveals that what causes perturbation is the ascription of relevance and of permanence to what will invariably change and cease. Everything that we invest in and expend effort in sustaining will eventually end. In the face of the obvious ending of all that we value and hope for, perhaps what we should focus on is not what we think we need but what serves to allow us to lastingly inhabit a state of ease and contentment. Contentment means different things for different people. What is definite is that if we allow the generation of comfort, space and expansiveness by relying on the ‘outside’, on external commodities, on variables that are beyond count, we will forever be seeking something. Not surprisingly, this means that we look not only at what we can and want to acquire but also what creates the sense of want. Conditioning is not something to be taken lightly. Apart from the satiation of hunger and thirst and protection from the elements, perhaps everything is a facet of our conditioning, a fabrication! Disagreement with what we think is happening is probably a function of the very same ascription of permanence or substance to our sense of self as well as to all other phenomena, which amidst an ocean of obvious ineffability and illusoriness serves to create a center that justifies the adoption of a particular point of reference. This point of reference defines good and bad, false and true within a canvas that is not established as anything in particular.

This apparent ‘space’, this absence of a reference point is likely the nature of actual reality which is possible to occupy or rather is the only space we can occupy! Perhaps if we make unobstructed access to this expanse our only need, despite not really needing to, we would be able to see that dissonance is just as inexplicable as seeming familiarity and comfort. Causeless, centreless being is feasible if the belief that what we have will be enough takes root. Perhaps one needs to accrue significant merit to have the necessary conditions and tendencies to see through fabrication and conditioning and just be in this space, even for brief moments. Then perhaps we can learn to recognize that freedom is always at hand!

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