Many lies, one truth

We deceive ourselves and others all the time. We think we know what is good for us and convince ourselves and others that this is so. We nurture the hope that we will be happy forever, healthy forever and alive forever. We drown ourselves in more and more invasive forms of media and entertainment, succumb to addictions and continually cajole ourselves into believing that we know what is right and real and true. Right from the moment of birth, we are insulated from what is actual and barren reality – that our moments of succour are fleeting, and from then on we begin the process of learning how to camouflage our physical, mental and social fragility and nakedness. This train of deception carries over, as we grow, into our identity, our sense of self, our relationships, our possessions, our aspirations, our work and our recreation. Virtually, nothing is spared this indolent subterfuge. If we are lucky, a time comes when the deceit we perpetrate literally leads us to a state of shock and we carry on benumbed irrespective or we break free. This state of shock is akin to death. And we can, if we are lucky, emerge free. This freedom starts with a giving up, a “not caring”. We cease to care if we have pain, or pleasure. We start looking at health, possessions and material wealth as inconsequential, and if we are fortunate, we come upon a basic truth. That there is no intrapersonal, interpersonal or ecosystemic reality or substance to be attained or realized. The truth that there is absolutely nothing to rest upon ends fear, and it ends psychological time.

However, for this ending to not be momentary, care must be taken, lest we start building our shell of camouflage all over again. Remaining raw, remaining vulnerable without resorting to evaluation of mental events and circumstances is vital to abide in a state of freedom. We leave uncertainty untarnished, the unknown untouched. We do not look to the future for hope or to the past for comfort. We live just in the moment and let ourselves be drowned in whatever imagery, memory or want comes our way without losing that basic truth, that everything is like space, and that space rests upon nothing. There are no crutches, no aids that we can resort to without falling into the trap of delusion and deceit all over again. The temptation to return to design or choice can be overwhelming but it is important to remember that any step that is taken is a return to enslavement and deceit. Remaining choiceless, we live unpremeditated from moment to moment. Voidness can be very unnerving and the fear of the unknown as well as a desire to ‘hold on’ to something can insidiously manifest. However, reminding ourselves of the truth that there is nothing substantial to ever rest upon can prove to be a powerful deterrent to falling prey to the usual pursuits that supposedly bring forth health and wealth!

With such a stance or view, continuity becomes irrelevant and we live poignantly aware of our fragility at each ‘choicelessly aware’ moment!

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