Nothing if not devotion!

Contrary to how scholars might opine, perhaps the abnegation of the self isn’t that very different from a devotion to the supposed divine. The absorption in something ‘other ‘ than the self is a state shorn of too many conditions, especially ones that keep us trapped in self referential anxiety. The certainty of absence or the absolute, while perhaps still a fabrication, could be fertile ground for growing into openness and harmony, a harmony that cannot come from focus only on the sense of personhood. Self grasping ignorance is the seed of suffering as taught by the Buddha and doing away with a fixation on an inherent nature to persons, the self included or referent objects generates the possibility of release from the limitations that accrue from an erroneous apprehension of true reality. However, given our lack of magnitude in reference to such totality, this deconstruction is difficult if not impossible to achieve. Perhaps devotion to the notion of god is a means to release constraints and appreciate or seemingly merge with this totality.

The order of magnitude that we inhabit is likely miniscule, for the lack of apt vocabulary, and what are perceived as time and space, and worlds and forms are artefactual delimitations of a ground that can only be accurately approached through thorough deconstruction as the Buddha advocated or via unconditional devotion to this very ground, in as far as we can envisage it! Both these processes likely involve scaling orders of magnitude and growing to a state that is a little less limited.

Our view reflects this growth and we literally learn to leave behind states and penchants that mire us in restrictions. How quickly we learn or how much could be a variable that likely escapes easy definition simply because any such assessment is inherently recursive. What stands to easier examination is how much we can generate qualities such as selflessness, gratitude, contentment, peace. Strangely, these qualities can be and perhaps actually are engendered whether we sit in mindful meditation or are rapt in devotional states. On a simpler note, what is very heartening is that as we evolved, we did actually stumble upon these means to appreciate magnitude that is far beyond what we are seemingly able to glimpse!

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