Nothing left to say!

With all our thoughts and action, there is always something left undone. We continue to act, most of the time in our own interests and sometimes selflessly, without end. The realms that capture our attention serve to reinforce our own personhood and somehow, no matter what our motivation, we see ourselves as the doer, the thinker, the observer and that begets the desire to expand, to explore and in the end to become. This becoming is likely a hallmark of environments that are limited. We see ourselves and others and our circumstances as inadequate, deficient and worthy of work. In wanting to be better, bigger, richer, healthier or happier, we continue to reinvest in limited environments, with us at the center and our work is never done! We can and usually choose to do that not realizing that all that we occupy ourselves with are ultimately unreliable, except looking for and finding what is absolute. In other words, looking for a system, an environment so vast in magnitude that every potential manifestation and all possible observations are all included in it. Whether we succeed in doing so is not as important as deciding that such a system is worth grasping, worth viewing.

In so deciding, in many ways, we grow into boundlessness, we are released from the grips of the traps that we set for ourselves or find ourselves in. Perhaps that is because magnitude of such an order is always complete and in viewing it or attempting to, we are able to realize degrees of freedom far beyond what our limited inner and outer environments allow. Acquiring such freedom is not becoming, it is more of an unraveling into possibility which actually likely ends our ceaseless struggle with real or perceived constraints and brings us to a state of equilibrium with background, steady state as it were!

Perhaps, we ought to look at the endeavour to capture the absolute as the only really worthwhile ‘work’ to engage in, primarily because it is more likely to engender the realization of just about everything we can envisage as desirable. As we grow into boundlessness, we might just see that everything is already done in the domains that rivet our attention, that there is no more thinking or becoming needed. Just a gentle stopping of what we are forever doing and a stepping into vastness that really doesn’t need ideation, elaboration or attainment.

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