Considering Being

CPT is contemplation in process. Its underlying emphasis is one of openness, of freedom from rigidity and in keeping with that, CPT recognizes that ideas are in the end, mere fabrications, that there is no true ‘idea’ as such. Concepts and constructs in CPT aim to bring one closer to centerless living, with the awareness that being centerless is also being free of conceptualization. Ultimately, CPT aims to instill the appreciation that words, ideas, form and structure might not represent all there is and that a sense of dexterity, of increased maneuverability might come from contemplating these, the relative, as well as the possibility of the non relative, of ‘absolute space’ as it were. It is hoped that with the continuing of the contemplative process, the construct of the non relative, of core spaciousness and limitlessness becomes a tangible reality. In serving this purpose, the constructs in CPT are meant to be taken as mere means to an end, with a steady movement towards unrestrained being the end as well as the start and the process.

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