CPT Aids

CPT aids at the Center for Contemplative Practice are meant to facilitate the comprehension of the rationale behind its development as well as easy adoption across a wide range of settings. Resources designed to achieve these ends will hopefully benefit users too.

Position and Movement Mapping

The image of the construct given above can help in identifying present position as well as chart movement along reification and flexibility dimensions. It helps to indicate whether we are being optimally adaptive and flexible or solely center driven. Centers can include the ‘self’ or other foci such as money, body, power and the like.

CPT Contemplation Worksheet

The regular use of the contemplation worksheet, it is hoped, will enhance the ability to lessen the aversive tone of dissonant thoughts and feelings as well as increase the ability to put such mental events into a more adaptive perspective. The worksheet has 3 importants elements – focus, application and evaluation. The focus section presents a number of questions which the user then applies or in other words holds in awareness. A final phase of evaluation helps to identify obstacles or resistance to consciously facing and constructively processing what is deemed painful.

Event Focus

Am I fully aware of my own suffering?
Am I aware of the suffering of others?

Value Focus

What do I deeply value for myself?
What do I in the depth of my heart wish for myself, my loved ones and the world?

Allowance Focus

Can I treat my thoughts, sensations and feelings as momentary?
Can I allow my thoughts, sensations and feelings to be as they are?


Take any one of the questions above and hold it as the primary object of awareness, trying not to come up with any answers. If you get distracted, just bring the focus question back into awareness. Contemplate in this manner for 10 minutes.


Assess your experience of the application. Was it difficult for you to stay on the focus question? Was contemplation unpleasant? Why? Do you think contemplation will help? Why? Why not?

Work on each of the six questions and repeat as you see fit.

Need versus action equation used in CPT

The basis of personal fulfilment is the need to derive contentment not from temporary phenomena which come and go but from lasting existential postulates that begin as mere cognitive constructs but are then applied across interoceptive and exteroceptive phenomena and could possibly restructure conative processes.