starting a contemplative practice

Starting a contemplative practice, whether in a group or individually warrants a clear idea about what contemplation entails. While those who are well have the luxury of time and resources to investigate contemplative practices, those who are ill frequently don’t. At the centre for contemplative practice, we are especially interested in raising awareness about the potential benefits of starting a contemplative practice in those with mental illhealth as well as those with other serious ailments. To this end, we seek help and partnerships with likeminded individuals in promoting such practices in healthcare institutes, hospitals, care centers and the like in our part of the world.

Also, for those with a scholarly bent of mind, our journal, is an ideal platform for examining these practices in the context of application for facilitating recovery from illhealth. This is the only journal of its kind and help to promote and contributions to publish will be deeply appreciated.

If you would like to participate in creating a wider movement in contemplative practice, buddhist thought and insight or would perhaps like to present your work on these topics, do please contact us. We welcome all to become a part of the Center for Contemplative Practice at Insightopen. If you want to be included and acknowledged as a contributor, please feel free to get in touch with us and include a photograph and a brief biography and we will highlight them on this page of the portal.